All of the PLAZA regarding the game data

If you download the application, you can see all of the PLAZA about data and information how many wining jackpot. You can check historical data for a week which are hits jackpot including a number of hit records, the slump graph. It is very convenient for choosing and investigating the best machine. The reason why we are researching daily data how many hitting jackpot after closing. It is lucky information for you to determine!

Besides useful information and various function

*Check the latest information
*Prepare the full of model description
*Find the model you want to hit
*Check store information
*Check the latest model in the Movie
*Management of my data
*Recommend the nearby restaurants
It is very convenient because it is equipped with various functions!


Download here

Access than QR code

Mobile Site

If you are not able to access the application, please mobile sites of each store.

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