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1.Let's start the game

After sitting down at a game machine,please deposit money to get game tokens.

When you deposit some bills, game tokens of squal value will be dispensed.

2.During the game

Please deposit the game token into the pachislot.
(You may deposit a maximum of 50 tokens.Most game machines require three tokens to play one game.)
If you pull the lever the pidtures begin to spin and change.

Beginning from the left,press the buttons in sequence and the pictures will stop.

If you hit the jackpot,the display screen and lights will indcate with "Bonus Confirmed".At this time you want to try to match up the spinning pictures.
(If you don't understand you can call for an attendant.)

3.When you quit the game

Please place all the dispensed game tokens into the box.
Help you tally the game tokens.
After helping you tally the game tokens,you will get a small card which indicates the amount of game tokens.

Press the "return" button of the gaming table.
If there is a card with a balance,please settlement at the settlement machine.

Finally,bring the small card to the prize counter and exchange it for prizes. again

You can start earning medals If you have a membership card.You can use it when it came next medals you had saved.

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