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Recycle eco-friendly bottle cap

When the bottle cap is treated as a waste bottle cap is 430 per 3,150g, carbon dioxide occurs. 430 pieces of bottle caps can be used as a vaccine fee in the amount of 10 yen.Polio vaccine of therapies cost for 20 yen, you can save one children.Recovery of PET lid is carried out in the all of plaza. Recovery performance can be found in each store plaza.

If polio is endemic in most cases, these is side effects, such as motor neuron death or paralysis remains. If there is only vaccine, it is possible to save 100% prevention.

Collecting pull-tabs (Can lids)

Plaza is eco-friendly by collecting pull-tabs to keep our streets clean. All money made from collecting pull-tabs goes to buying wheel chairs for the needy.
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Blood donation drive

Plaza corporates with Japan Red Cross Society and we frequently executing blood donation drive.
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Thank you very much for your support and dedication to helping those in need in Japan. All donation received have been forwarded to the disaster-affected prefectures and athletes with disabilities.
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